Frank Hinds

Father of Jennifer, Frank retired in 2005 after spending 45 years in the insurance and risk management industry. In 1998, following the death of his daughter to a red light runner, Hinds worked with the Arizona Legislature to pass “Jennifer’s Law” increasing the penalties for red light runners who injure and kill others.

In 1998, Hinds joined with Les Marquis and John Philippi to form the Red Means Stop Coalition. Hinds is no longer actively involved in the organization, however, he continues to be an advocate for safe, responsible driver behavior.

John Philippi

Father of Krystal, John is a Phoenix area businessman who joined with Frank Hinds and Les Marquis in late 1998 to form Red Means Stop.

Krystal Philippi was seriously injured by a red light runner while on the way to her high school prom in April 1998. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and continues to deal with the affects of her injury. John provided the start-up organization with office and meeting space during the early years of operation. John and Kathy Philippi remain active as part of the Advisory Board.

Les Marquis

Father of Sam, Krystal Philippi’s date to the prom in April 1998. Sam Marquis was injured in the red light running crash. Les Marquis, a retired Arizona State Government Administrator was Red Means Stop’s first President and was responsible for managing the organization through its start-up years.

Les forged partnerships with John C. Lincoln Hospitals, AAA Arizona and Rural Metro Corp. Les and his wife Donna relocated to Cottonwood, AZ where he ran a successful property management company. Sadly, Les died in February 2014 from a rare form of cancer.