2019 – Officers and Directors

Board Officers


Al Loveland, President

21 Days Consulting & Coaching



DebbieGradoDebbie Grado, Vice President

Arizona Chapter, National Safety Council




Carly Baez, Secretary

Arizona Chapter, National Safety Council



TBA, Co-Treasurer

IMG_1394Laura Sobczak, Co-Treasurer

Laura is a Partner and Scottsdale Site Manager of DrivingMBA



Barbara Hoffman, Executive Director

Barb is retired from Arizona State University and has been involved with Red Means Stop since 2004 following the death of her 14-year-old son Michael Allanson who was killed by a red light runner while crossing a Mesa, Arizona street.  She received her masters degree in Communication Studies at Northern Arizona University in 2018.

Board of Directors

Caden Gillespie
Arizona State University

Maria Wojtczak
Owner, DrivingMBA

Bina Vanmali
Grand Canyon University

Adam Carreon
Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)

Matt Butler
National Law Enforcement

Will Rosenberg
BASIS High School

Advisory Board Members

Charles Territo
Verra Mobility

Janet Gallup
Tucson Arizona Traffic Educator

John & Kathy Philippi
Co-Founders Red Means Stop

Charles Sobczak
Charlie’s Driving Service

Rich Wojtczak
Driving MBA

Howard & Pat Fleischmann
Community Tire Pros

Rico Miller
Alliance Bank of Arizona

Carol Payne
Respiratory Therapist

National Victims Council

Lori Koidahl, Washington
Jessica Knoor, Florida
Pam & Ty Woods, Michigan
Tracy Zentz, Washington

Committee Members

Aurora Noah, Mesa, Arizona (Events)