Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance understands the value and importance of educating all individuals about safe driving skills. To meet our goal of ending red light running, Red Means Stop actively participates and plans events to educate drivers. Our education programming includes:

  • Speaking about the dangers and consequences of red light running at Traffic Safety Survival and Defensive Driving School classes
  • Speaking to students at high schools, about the consequences of red light running and making poor decisions on the road
  • Speaking to middle school and elementary school students about traffic safety
  • Speaking at fairs, conferences, and other events to raise awareness about red light running, distracted driving, and the importance of drivers education.
  • Speaking to parent groups about preparing their children to become safe and responsible young drivers

Red Means Stop also educates drivers by providing driver training awards to underprivileged teens in Arizona. Red Means Stop has partnered with DrivingMBA, a driving school in Arizona offering high level simulation training labs that are completely integrated with classroom and on-road instruction. These driver training programs teach:

  • A better understanding of the mental skills required to be safe, responsible drivers
  • Safe driving habits
  • Better decision-making skills, particularly in hazardous or dangerous situations
  • A better understanding of personal and vehicle limitations

Application are accepted all year but are subject to a wait list depending on available funds.