Justice Finally Prevails

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By: Frank Hinds, Executive Director

Last month I wrote about the family of red light running victim, Frank Frassetto and the fact that the red light runner who killed Frank on November 12, 2012 had yet to plead guilty or take any responsibity for his actions.  Furthermore, the defendant and his attorney continued to avoid the court by claiming illness – on three occasions.

I’m pleased to report that on August 29, 2013, the red light runner and his attorney appeared in court and plead guilty to the charge of running a red light, killing Frank Frassetto.  Through his tears, the defendant told the judge he was sorry.  He never faced Rosemary or her family directly, only addressing the judge.

The judge was patient and careful in deciding the penalites, but he did utilize what was available to him under Arizona Revised Statutes 28-672.  The punishment ordered by the judge for killing Frank Frassetto was:

~ $10,000 Restitution payment to Rosemary Frassetto

~ $1,000 fine plus fees and surcharges paid to the court *

~ 200 hours of community service **

~ Successfully complete Traffic Survival School

~ 30 Days in Jail *

~ 1 year probabtion

~ 90 day suspension of drivers license

* The judge waived the 30 days in jail and $1,000+ fine provided the defendent completes Traffic Survival School and 200 hours of community service.

** The judge suggested the 200 hours of community service be facilitated by Red Means Stop and the defendant spend one day a week talking to new teen drivers about the consequences of running the red light.

I listened to the defendant in court and I believe he is truly sorry for what happened and I hope he will seriously devote the required time speaking to young drivers.  The judge ordered him back to court in December to report his progress.  I will be watching!

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