Many Options To Reducing Crashes

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By Frank Hinds, Executive Director

The pros and cons of speed and red light cameras continue to be debated by the driving public and government officials.  Red Means Stop has and will continue to support the use of photo enforcement equipment in reducing crashes and saving lives.  However, saving lives on our roadways requires much more than the use of cameras.

Transportation engineers monitor intersections and major roadways, analyzing crash data, attempting to find new and better ways to design and build safer streets.  Some modifications are costly while others can be as simple as changing the timing of a traffic signal or adding more warning signs.  Adding a second or two to a four way red signal helps to clear the intersection and the recent addition of pedestrian countdown timers is proving to be a life saver.

Ultimately, eliminating driver error will go a long way toward reducing crashes. I consider driver error to include a multitude of sins.  Certainly, not paying attention, speeding and running red lights are high on my list.  Distractions are a huge part of driver error with a long list that includes cell phone use, texting, eating, reading and perhaps even day dreaming.  Driving a vehicle on a public street is a tremendous responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. 

The Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance is dedicated to saving lives by supporting all ideas and efforts that will help to reduce crashes. 

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