More Education Needed To Affect Driver Behavior

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By Frank Hinds, Executive Director

It has become apparent that simply passing new laws increasing fines and penalties for driving violations isn’t changing bad driver behavior the way we expected.  While tough laws are necessary and should continue to be encouraged, another approach that deals with better driver education needs to be explored.

Sadly, new teenage drivers are not all subjected to a rigorous training regimine that would provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to operate a motor vehicle on today’s roadways.  More education and training, over a longer period of time will certainly improve the odds of young drivers remaining safe. 

Older, mature drivers are also in need of more follow up education.  In Arizona, a driver isn’t required to renew his license until age 65, which means no refresher skills training or updates on changes in the law for many years, sometime 40 or more.  Bad habits and ignorance of the law are allowed to worsen while roadway safety for everyone is further deminished.

Providing drivers of all ages as much information as possible about the consequences of their actions behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and the risks involved with speeding, red light running and driving distractions will bring sorely needed behavior changes that will save lives.

The Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance is dedicated to providing more and better education for all drivers with the goal of making our roadways safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

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