Morehouse for House

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By:  Robert B. Morehouse

The Arizona Silver Haired Legislature was in existence from 1992 to 2001.  Delegates had to be 65 years old and were elected by legislative district after presenting petitions.  Legislative sessions were held in The House and Senate Chambers.  The old Senate Chambers in The Capital Building was where the final session was conducted.

We passed Red Means Stop bills every year and presented them to the regular legislatures.  A couple of years the ASHL presented bills and they were used in passing final legislation.

Robert B. Morehouse, now a board member of The Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance, was a member of The ASHL and testified before some of the committees.  He was speaker of The Arizona Silver Haired Legislature the last year.

Robert has announced that he is a candidate, on The Republican ticket for The Arizona House of Representatives in the new Legislative District 28.  District 28 covers north central Phoenix, extending from parts of Thomas to Union Hills and from parts of I-17 to Scottsdale Road.  It also includes all of the City of Paradise Valley.  His primary focus will be Education, Seniors and Veterans.

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