Quit Complaining About Red Light Cameras

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By Frank Hinds, Executive Director

I’ve grown weary of the whiners and complainers about red light cameras!  Recently in Connecticut, opponents claimed the red light cameras are nothing more than “spy cams” preying on the public.  Give me a break !

Interestingly, when one person speaks out against these devices, the media gives that individual a disproportionate amount of ink and air time while totally disregarding the countless other citizens who fully support the technology.  Every survey I’ve ever seen clearly shows the vast majority of people support the use of red light cameras.

Recently, the NAACP spoke out against red light cameras in major cities because the cameras “unfairly target minority drivers who live in large cities"  Give me a break !

Photo enforcement, when used properly saves lives by reducing crashes.  This fact has not been disputed and city leaders around the United States need to quit rolling over, giving in to the vocal minority.  These leaders need to "grow a pair” and do the right thing!

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