Requests for applications are being accepted but may be held pending funding.

These driver education packages are specifically earmarked for, and will be awarded to families who demonstrate an economic hardship and cannot afford driver training for their student. Red Means Stop has partnered with DrivingMBA to provide the driver training program. DrivingMBA provides a unique combination of simulation labs, classroom and on-road instruction in order to properly prepare a student for the responsibility of driving.  

To learn more about DrivingMBA visit their website at

Parent or Guardian Must:
–  attend a 3 hour Parent Class as part of the program
–  be willing to practice with student in order to gain proficiency
–  be responsible for cancellation fees per DrivingMBA policies

Student Must Be:
–  eligible for their learners permit within a 3 month window(student must reach the age of 15 1/2 within 3 months of application)
–  able to produce necessary documentation (birth certificate, passport, student ID, etc.) Must have valid social security number

If student is granted a training package they must:
–  begin the program in earnest within  6 months of acceptance
–  have transportation to a DrivingMBA facility

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