If you, a family member or friend has been the victim of a red light running crash and would like to talk to other victims or need information about red light running laws in Arizona, please contact us for assistance.

Red Means Stop is an all volunteer organization comprised of victims and their family members.  We are happy to talk, console and/or advise you.

If you are a recent victim and your case is still in the investigation stage or is working its way through the courts, please confirm with the investigating officer or the prosecutor that the defendant is at the very least charged under Arizona Revised Statutes 28-672.  There may be other charges if drugs, alcohol or speed were involved.

If you need an advocate to write a letter to the judge or to appear in court with you,
we can help.

Here are the various ways to contact us:

We may also be able to provide you with other contacts and resources for legal advice or grief counseling.

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