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These short plans are meant to fulfill a number of Arizona required Health Standards for grades 6-8. The lessons can be taught in conjunction with the comic book or as separate stand-alone lessons. The comic book is listed below in its PDF form for easier online use. If you would like to request more “hard-copies” of the comic book, please use the contact form and be sure to include the number of copies that you would like us to send to you.

ELA Lessons (Grades 6-8) including informational texts, paired readings and self check quizzes. 

Az Board of Education- Health Standards Grades 6-8 

The majority of these health standards would be met by reading the comic book and discussing the scenarios along with including some of the other additional reading lessons.

QR codes are included in the comic book and are additional resources available to you and to the students.

If you would like to order some booklets or would like to add a link of what you (or your students) created, please email your request to the contact link below. We would LOVE to add it to our site (giving you and/or your students credit, of course!)

Project Citizen Presentation on E-Scooter Regulations by Patterson Elementary

Stoppy Book Volume 1

Stoppy Book Volume 2

Stoppy Book Volume 3

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