Saving Lives Should Be a Priority

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By:  Frank Hinds, Executive Director

2013 should be the year we resolve to save more lives on our roadways.  Improvements in technology have made our lives easier, more efficient and safer.  We admire and marvel at these new inventions –  so why is it that so many of these smart technology fans are against the cameras that make our dangerous streets safer?

We’ve all seen them – cars blowing through a red light, and we wish there was a cop nearby to write a ticket.  In a perfect world, a cop would always be there to catch the violator.  Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and law enforcement simply can’t be there all the time.  But a camera can !

Photo enforcement opponents never seem to be concerned about safety – only their right to privacy.  They don’t want to be caught breaking the law and endangering the lives of others.  Murderers and bank robbers probably feel the same way!

Every public opinion survey I’ve seen shows support for the use of red light cameras.  Statistics overwhelmingly confirm that injury related intersection crashes have been reduced by 30-40 percent, where cameras are deployed.

It’s time for all this non sense to end.  If red light camera technology is successful in providing law enforcement with another tool to save lives, then cities around the country need to get on board and stop listening to the selfish vocal minority.

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