Red Light Camera Opponents Are Clueless!

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By Frank Hinds, Executive Director

In the past few years, as the opponents of red light cameras have become more vocal, Red Means Stop has been accused of being nothing more than a front for the camera companies.  It has happened again this week on Facebook with a post suggesting that Red Means Stop is a shill for the firms that make and sell photo enforcement equipment.

Anyone who knows us and the work we do will quickly recognize this claim as a red herring.  I’ve found that most opponents of red light cameras are in fact drivers who are guilty of red light running and have received a photo enforcement ticket.  They never claim innocence; however, they do insist their rights have been violated.   What about the rights of my daughter who was killed by a red light runner?  They always seem to miss the bigger picture, which is simply obey the law and you won’t get a ticket – from a cop or a camera!

I’m really tired of the crap that comes from these whiners; I guarantee you if one of them lost a loved one in a red light running crash, their tune would change.  Not once have I heard one of these complainers come up with a legitimate suggestion on how to make our roads safer – no they just want to cry about how awful it is that they got caught!

In spite of the overwhelming evidence suggesting cameras are an effective way to reduce crashes, photo enforcement detractors want you to believe they are only about making money and have nothing to do with saving lives!

Forgive me if I just don’t give a damn about these people who continue to insult red light running crash victims and their families.  They are nothing more than weak, spineless crybabies!

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